Founded in 1968 by Farooq Faquih, F&A is an reputed architectural firm that has refused to age. The reason is simple really. F&A’s work is always based on a deep understanding of the built environment, design experience and human needs.
Run by Bahaar and Kaif Faquih the firm has created a unique niche for itself in the space of office and residential buildings, bungalows, hotels and factories. Between them, they have been responsible for the creation of original and cutting edge design processes, methodologies and evolved systems that can accommodate all the agencies involved and are dynamic enough to adapt to new technologies and new materials.
Their designs are energy and ergonomics conscious, efficiently organise spaces and always add and create value that goes beyond the visual aspect. Their clients vouch for their in-depth in planning, design, understanding the people they are building for and most important, how their design is relevant to their needs.